Geo Adventures Hondon Valley 2

Geocaching Adventures Continue! La Canalosa

Geocaching adventures Continue. Just outside Spanish Villiage of Hondon de las Nieves lies the sleepy villiage La Canalosa. Here we find a great trail of 12 easy to find caches with 2 additional bonus caches

The Hondon Valley is a great place to go and explore. There are many walks and even better great bars and restaurants. Grab your gear lets get Geocaching. 

Location: La Canalosa - Alicante

Name #1 La Canalosa - #12 La Canalosa
Difficulty 1.5
GC GC6X0BZ - Premium
Name #13 La Canalosa
Difficulty 2.0
GC GC6X0AJ - Premium
Name Bonus La Canalosa
Difficulty 2.0

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